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Overcome Internal Sabotage and Digital Product Failure

Alignment is the one thing you’ll find at the heart of every successful relationship, team, and organization in the world. When developed and leveraged, alignment can create the foundation for unparalleled product success.

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A how-to for leaders everywhere. It helps drive home lessons around how alignment scales all the way from the individual to the market, and makes the case in the Malcolm Gladwell tradition, that alignment is about creating concentric circles of growth.

Nishant Bhajaria,

Author, Privacy and Security Leader, Digital Product Architect at Uber

In a world where customers are more complex than ever, Jonathon provides a new and invigorating way of pursuing the desirous and audacious path of product development that actually leads to customer benefits.

Hilary Corna,

Founder Corna Partners and Leader in Customer Experience 

The success of digital product transformations – human interaction –is simply refreshing. This is a practical, evergreen, and incredibly thoughtfully organized field guide to achieving repeatable success creating digital products.

Mark O'Brien,

CEO of Newfangled

What's in the book

Part One

Focuses on what alignment is, and why it’s so critical to the success of digital product and business transformation.

Part Two

Provides a straightforward, honest look at why so many digital product and transformation initiatives fail or underperform.

Part Three

Explores what leading with alignment looks like today. It sheds light on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to build teams in order to navigate the digital product life cycle and transformation. 

Part Four

Reveals the baseline from which every successful digital product initiative must start, and the elements and guiding forces that make up a strategic foundation.

Part Five

Explores the connection between your digital product strategy and team performance, rapidly accelerating delivery of results.


Alignment Resources

Download strategic tools and resources to help
build alignment and product success.


Jonathon Hensley

For more than two decades, Hensley has helped startups, Fortune 100 brands, technology leaders, large regional health networks, manufacturers, financial institutions, non-profit organizations and more transform their businesses by turning strategy, user needs and new technologies into valuable digital products and services.



Learn best practices in building alignment, product strategy, and team performance. Jonathon is available for public and private events. 

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