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To bring this book into its own alignment, I spoke with more than 50 industry insiders, organizational leaders, product managers, designers, engineers, and team builders who are on the frontlines, responsible for delivering internal and external products. Collectively, this group of people has created value for hundreds of millions of users and helped generate billions of dollars.

This book is for organizational leaders, product managers, and teams who are compelled to level-up and revisit everything you do—from how you use internal systems, to how you improve customer interactions, to how you propel your products and services forward. It doesn’t matter if your rate of change is incremental, focused on innovation, or geared toward disruption. Whether your business has been around for a century or was born in this new era, the focus is the same.


Part One: focuses on what alignment is, and why it’s so critical to the success of digital product and business transformation.

Part Two: provides a straightforward, honest look at why so many digital product and transformation initiatives fail or underperform.

Part Three: explores what leading with alignment looks like today. It sheds light on the fundamental knowledge and skills necessary to build teams in order to navigate the digital product life cycle and transformation. 

Part Four: reveals the baseline from which every successful digital product initiative must start, and the elements and guiding forces that make up a strategic foundation.

Part Five: explores the connection between your digital product strategy and team performance, rapidly accelerating delivery of results.

Nishant Bhajaria

A how-to for leaders everywhere. It helps drive home lessons around how alignment scales all the way from individual to the market, and makes the case in the Malcolm Gladwell tradition, that alignment is about creating concentric circles of growth.

Hilary Corna

In a world where customers are more complex than ever, Jonathan provides a new and invigorating way of pursuing the desirous and audacious path of product development that actually leads to customer benefit

Mark O'Brien

The success of digital product transformations––human interaction––is simply refreshing. This is a practical, evergreen, and incredibly thoughtfully organized field guide to achieving repeatable success creating digital products.

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