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When people, systems, and business goals are aligned, teams can focus on the right things, follow the right steps, create incredible strategic advantages.


Featured book and articles.


Delivering A Better Patient Experience through Digital Transformation

One word that defines healthcare leaders’ attitudes toward patient experience (PX) and digital transformation today is urgency.

A Product Owner’s Guide to Improving Customer Experience

It is nearly impossible to not hear someone talking about the importance of the customer experience (CX), many organizations don’t know where to start, or even how to approach the work. 

Why Minimum Viable Products Are the Key to Realizing Your Product Vision

You need a way to quickly test your ideas, validate them and ensure the intended impact. This is where a minimum viable product (MVP) comes in.

What’s the job of your digital product or service?

Clarity has never been more imperative than it is today. With the impact of digital transformation on your organization’s people, processes, products, and services, clarity is not only essential, but mission critical.

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